Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

I had the most wonderful evening tonight, immersed in the love of Christ. We gathered a group from 6 local churches tonight to present the Stations of the Cross to our church at Peace Lutheran. It was the first time most had seen the Passion this way and it was such a uplifting experience to be a part of. For me, each time I participate in the presentation of the Stations of the Cross, it is moving and powerful and most definitely Christ-filled. Tonight was no exception. Each person who gave of their time was just a part of the body of Christ. Without each one, we would not have been able to for a whole. From the ushers to the soloist, you could feel the movement of Christ in the church and it's almost overwhelming. I am so thankful for those who were willing to give of their time and talent for tonight. I pray that it brought each person who attended closer to God. I hope you had a peaceful day! Blessings!!!

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